About Us

GET PREPPED network was created by a husband, wife and three kiddo team, striving for a largely self-sufficient lifestyle. We have gained and continue to amass a world of knowledge and it is our desire to demonstrate how we have applied this knowledge in our own lives as well as discuss our goals for the future.

Here, you will find an abundance of information falling under numerous categories such as gardening, alternative energy, animal care, security, and more. We will post much of our own content but will also share useful information from other websites as well as select contributions from some of our readers, which is why we chose to call ourselves GET PREPPED “network.” While this will serve primarily as documentation of our own journey, we are hopeful that this is the beginning of an online community where we can all benefit by educating and learning from each other.

We believe that everyone will be able to¬†find something useful in our “library,” and hopefully even learn a few things they didn’t expect to.

A Little About Jeff:

I’m 56 and have a little over 25 years of industrial maintenance experience as well as experience in various fields of construction. I could basically start with a vacant lot and build a house with everything to move in– everything except custom trim. I’m a shade tree mechanic with a degree in electronics and a firm believer in DIY. Some people may think I’m cheap, I prefer to think I’m damn frugal.

Several years ago I got into prepping when it became clear to me that it’s not a matter of when SHTF, but when the rest of the SHTF. Just look around at the current state of our world and you will see what I mean– if your eyes are open.

I started amassing knowledge to help me in my endeavors knowing that knowledge is king and that developing the skills to use that knowledge is paramount. I also began collecting materials with a variety of projects in mind to reach our goal of self-sustainability. I believe I have most of what I need but there are still some items on my list. Now that I have finally gotten a property where I can start building what I believe my family will need for our future, it’s time to get busy. That is part of what this website is all about. I hope you will join us in this journey of putting that knowledge to use.

A Little About Karli:

I’m 25 with not nearly as impressive of a resume as Jeff, but I’m working on it. I can say that I have successfully carried and birthed three wonderful little boys who have greatly contributed to who I am today.

Outside of being a full-time mom, I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences and a certificate in nutrition. In the meantime, I continue to educate myself at home on a variety of subjects including topics such as nutrition, natural remedies, animal care, gardening and more. I believe in the importance of keeping my family healthy and safe. To that end, I feel that being prepared and running a homestead are crucial to ensuring my family is well taken care of.