February 2019 Update

I can’t believe we’ll have a 4-year-old on our hands after this weekend! It can’t have possibly been that long? But… it has. Time sure knows how to sneak by. On that note, it’s been a whole month since we’ve posted anything here, too. I promise we are all still alive!

The weather here in northern Indiana has been crazy. Not only that, but with Jeff working over-time, traveling to the old house and to work daily, me in school, both of us caring for the kids, and unexpected interruptions (such as, but not limited to, working around a problem with our washer and its frozen hose), it can be hard to catch a moment to get things done around here. We did a rough measurement and marked the area for the chicken enclosure, moved chopped wood out of the way (when it wasn’t frozen to the ground), placed the frame for the goat shed, and got more fencing moved to the new property. It’s not much, but it’s something.

I guess it goes without saying, but the next steps are to finish the chicken and goat enclosures (coop and shed in place and all) and get the animals the heck over here. Jeff travels 38 miles down to the old place and another 35 or so back up to work on a daily basis. As you can imagine, that adds up to a lot of valuable time and money that could be much better spent.

What about me? Well, I’m in school full-time (online, at the moment) and 100% stuck at home with the kids because I currently lack transportation. It’s hilarious when I’m not crying about it. Really, though, I am just glad to be in a nice house with happy and healthy children. (Having said that, can I just give a huge shout-out to Jeff for working so hard to get us where we are today?)

While I’m here, I want to start making gardening plans for the nicer weather headed our way (hopefully soon). I need to figure out which plants we want and when they can be planted, which ones are companions or combative, a layout for them in the yard, and more. I will be posting all about it when I am done, so stay tuned!

What will you be doing this month, season, or even year? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

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